The Kind of Content We Want:

  • Almost any type of genre fiction or literary fiction over 10,000 words. We will not take erotica.

  • Poetry chapbooks on almost any subject matter. As with fiction submissions, do not submit erotica.

Here’s what we’re not looking for:

  • Anything excessively lewd or pointlessly grotesque (Note: Horror stories may qualify as exemptions to this rule, where the point of the story is to paint something appalling or make the reader uncomfortable)

  • Nonfiction articles, opinions, or letters. If you’d like us to publish  your article, please consider submitting to Pressit or Erebus, and please be sure to include sources. 

  • Anything that you feel has not undergone significant editing in that it still needs work in order to be acceptable to any other publication.

If there is a piece you’d like us to consider, you can email us at We promise to give all submissions due consideration and we’ll do our best to get back to you as soon as possible. Before you submit, make sure your piece complies with these guidelines:

  • Please include your name, email address, cover letter, story title, and story. 

  • A cover letter is optional, though if you choose to include it, it should contain the length of your story and your publishing history. Please keep all biographies under 80 words.

  • Indicate your story’s word count in the upper right hand corner of your manuscript. 

  • All manuscripts should be submitted in a .doc, .docx, or .pdf format. 

  • Manuscripts must be in a 11-14pt Times New Roman or Courier New font, double spaced, and titled according to the story’s name. 

  • Any questions about formatting? See this article

We look forward to reading your submissions. If you have a question which wasn’t answered here, email

-Samuel Swauger, Chief Editor